Questions for premium brands producers

Some myths are surprisingly resistant against all falsification attempts. For example, the idea that if you have enough policemen, it is sufficient for counterfeiting elimination. Although it clearly doesn’t work in any other area. We don’t need to resort to slogans such as “repression solves nothing“. We can remind a fundamental economic principle that only if significant majority rejects some behaviour, it can be marginalised by consistent state organised repression. It may be the case for drug counterfeiting. But what about fake handbags?

Last year, Czech police stopped carrying fake products. Everything was confiscated. A few months later, criminal prosecution was started against two policewomen who in the meantime tried to get these fake products to the market again. We cannot foresee their future, but the case does show how strong is the temptation.

It is not surprising, considering that fakes de facto cannot be distinguished from genuine products. From the customer point of view, there are only three strong reasons to ask a question about genuineness.

  • The original product has some features that are critical, and that is not met by fakes. It may be the case for drugs, machinery components etc.
  • Customers want to support the particular producer because of fair trade, charity, national issues, personal preferences etc.
  • The brand product is wonderful and cannot be imitated in acceptable quality.

The resulting questions for premier brand producers are the following. Are there any unique technical features of the product? Are special environmental or social responsibility rules applied during the production? Is the design unique? Will it keep its oneness after counterfeiters start their production?

If answers are „no“, strong motivation for counterfeiting is created. We can understand easily why is it so tempting why the time to time some policemen are jailed. Why are more cases not disclosed? It is better not to know.

Optaglio helps through its products and services that include:

Continuous innovation and technological development to keep advantage against counterfeiters.

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