Portrait microholograms from Optaglio

Optaglio, the global leader in high-resolution security holograms, today announced the introduction of microscopic particles (from 30 micrometres) that include an engraved portrait and full hologram with all visual effects. This innovation makes inspection easier and enhances user interest in protection elements which results in further growth in document security.

Document security shouldn’t see the document as an isolated item. We need to see the document and its inspector as puzzles that need to match together. With interesting and amusing visual effects, the chance of careful inspection is much higher simply because people like it,“ explains Tomas Karenský, senior research manager at Optaglio. “This innovation can open new opportunities in brand protection but are also useful for trusted documents. Many customers are playful. They enjoy watching a security element if it is nice and interesting. If we see statesmen on banknotes, so why not on protective microelements on documents such as tax stamps.“

Microholograms with portraits are even more resistant to counterfeiting attempts. No such attempt has been revealed for microholograms up to now, but the advantage over counterfeiters is further enhanced with portraits.

Microholograms are tiny nickel particles between 30 micrometres and half a millimetre. They have a regular shape, holographic surface and letters and numbers engraved (until now). They can be added to paper, plastic foil or hot stamped to a document. Microholograms enable several levels of verification. Primary intuitive inspection by a naked eye focus on microholograms presence. Detailed inspection with a magnifier focus on shape, hologram presence and letters or a picture engraved. Forensic inspection with a microscope focus on visual effects in the hologram.

Microholograms were invented in Optaglio development laboratories. Optaglio is a primarily research organization from the very beginning. In 1994, it was founded by a group of scientists from Czech Academy of Science and its founding spirit has profoundly impacted people selection and investment prioritization. In 2015, research operations of Optaglio were consolidated and moved to Lochovice, Czech Republic. Optaglio Labs work here as well as some project teams connected to Labs. Some of the projects are partly financed by European funds, some of them are based on cooperation with universities.


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