Amazon in troubles? Producers in troubles!

Not long ago it happened that somebody bought a premium brand (LifeProof) smartphone case on Amazon. He called to the producer, checked a production number and found that the item was a fake. It appears there are more and more cases like that. The stories circulate on social networks, and Amazon reputation is impacted.

„If you were shopping at Walmart and on the same shelf you found counterfeit Beats by Dre headphones right next to the authentic product, and the liability was on you to determine which was real, would you keep shopping at Walmart?,“ asks Michael Sacca on Brandisty blog.

Shortly, for any organization selling third party products, it is difficult to keep an overview of the origin of all items sold. This situation leads to risks for reputation and market positioning.

O.K., they are some clients who ignore the issue. They simply buy a product that looks nice, and they do not believe in a better quality of premium brands. Such clients will never ask for proven genuineness and create de facto an independent market.

However, most customers think that if they pay for an original, they should get the original. It is in the interest of producers and shops to create an atmosphere of full trust in the genuineness of sold items.

It is very useful if a customer can find out if a product is genuine or fake on his own. It is the reason why many premier brand producers organize information campaigns focused on clients. If falsifiers are amateurish, it is not too difficult. The fakes often differ by color, important details or strange innovations, such as red half-moon instead of Bayern flag in BMW logo.

However, sophisticated fakes are impossible to identify as long as the product is not equipped with a security element, which:

It points to security holograms with strong visual features. A user can not only remark a changing gleamy surface but check e.g. that a doll changes its color to red or that letters emerge from a background on a tilting hologram.

The third usual requirement on security holograms, inseparability, can be put aside in this situation. Falsifiers focus on serial production. It is sufficient to ensure that a master hologram is not stolen. It means a security system should be implemented across processes. Holograms can be also produced in a partner company working under a security regime.

It is likely that first class online shops will accept only items with anti-counterfeit protection features in close future. They may have no other choice.


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