OPTAGLIO believes ‘smart’ signs will improve traffic safety

OPTAGLIO, the global leader in e-beam lithography, is in the final stage of development of a smart traffic sign which is able to focus most of its luminance to a particular passage of a street. It is expected to accelerate drivers reaction and enhance traffic security. It may play an important role in a smart city concept currently prepared by governments and some technology corporations.

Interactive traffic signing is an important feature of a smart city concept. It can direct car streams and control their speed according to the momentary traffic density, environmental situation, schools timetable, shifts in factories etc. This interactivity brings strong benefits but creates new demands on drivers. It will not be possible to rely on memory and knowledge of a place anymore. A smart sign with an ability to increase shining on a particular car at a particular moment can be very helpful.

The full article is available on www.gsnmagazine.com

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