Czech National Microholograms

It is a generally known that the Czech Republic is a beer and ice hockey superpower. Škoda cars are often considered as the symbol of Czech technical industry. And Czechs can be also proud of their holograms. A Czech company, OPTAGLIO, is the global leader in e-beam lithography. Its holograms protect documents in more than 50 countries around the world. A breakthrough innovation, microholograms, also originated from the Czech Republic.
It is stated in Prague Technický týdeník (Technical Weekly), in an article focused on hologram technologies.
This article describes physical principal of holograms and explains why it is so difficult to imitate them. However, it also quotes some experts confirming that some holograms are more secure than the others. Different ways of creating master holograms are explained, including dot matrix and e-beam lithography.
In the following part, the article defines three criteria of a hologram, to ensure really strong anti-counterfeit protection:
• Sophisticated visual effects including a fluent move of objects, reliefs with a dim surface, white color etc.
• Resistance against imitation attempts.
• Certain destruction in case of any attempt for removal or changing.
Technický týdeník also informs about microholograms, extremely small metallic particles (from 40 micrometers), which look like dots grains of metallic dust to a naked eye. Viewed under magnification, it is obvious that these particles are of regular shape and with a holographic surface. In addition to that, alphanumerical symbols can be etched into the microholograms. Microholograms, invented and patented by OPTAGLIO, bring anti-counterfeit protection to a new level.
The article in Czech is available here.

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