Hologram dust adds fingerprint to secure ID documents

Secure hologram leader, OPTAGLIO, is using holographic “digital dust” not just deter document fraud but to uniquely identify individual documents from an issuer. Think of it this way: using the technology, each passport, card or secure ID document can have a unique fingerprint that lets the document itself be authenticated.

The company has several new negotiated contracts to incorporate the patented new product, OPTAGLIO OVImage. It both protects against counterfeiting and also enables the identification of a particular document, even if that document has been tampered with or altered.

Security holograms are among strongest anti-counterfeiting mechanisms and duplication of advanced security holograms is extremely difficult. However, holograms are identical — mass produced using the same master — so there has been no application of the technology for identifying particular, individual documents.

Full version of the article is available on www.SecureIDnews.com

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